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Get this one of a kind exclusive SIGND collectible item from Tara Sands. Delivered in our custom SIGND box, imagine the excitement when you open it to reveal this gift. Adding to the experience is the addition of a unique QR code that, when scanned, displays a personalized video for the recipient. Your experience is forever immortalized and attached with the memorabilia.


About Tara Sands

Tara Sands voiced numerous characters in the original English Pokemon series including Bulbasaur, Richie, Jasmine, Oddish, Yamper and Tori. Some other roles include Biscuit in HunterXHunter, Mokuba in Yu-Gi-Oh!, Kari in Digimon Adventure Tri, Anna in Shaman King, Curious in My Hero Academia,  Momo and Utahime in Jujutsu Kaisen, Kirio Hikifume in Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War, Kombu Infinity in One Punch Man, Circe in Generator Rex, Young Jin in Anohana, Filia in Slayers, Summer in Barbie: Life in The Dreamhouse, Death 13/Mannish Boy in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Namida in Boruto, Sonia in Fire Emblem, Kyu in Bungou Stray Dogs, Ruby in Rainbow High and lots more. 

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