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Get this one of a kind exclusive SIGND collectible item from Rach The Maverick. Delivered in our custom SIGND box, imagine the excitement when you open it to reveal this gift. Adding to the experience is the addition of a unique QR code that, when scanned, displays a personalized video for the recipient. Your experience is forever immortalized and attached with the memorabilia.


About Rach The Maverick

Rach_the_Maverick is a full-time content creator, business enterprise page manager, Buddhist, LGBTQIA+ community member and shining beacon for positivity. Rach is extremely talented; her artistic flare carries throughout her platforms. She is highly regarded for her talent as an informal educator and content creator. Rach organically aligns with the mentality of living life to the fullest, being a strong empowered woman that supports and guides others and being the absolute best version of yourself every single day! Rach believes in positive affirmations, chanting, setting your intentions and shares her love for self-help books and practices.

Rach’s followers on TikTok and Patreon would describe Rach as real, organic, vulnerable, and sincere. She shares her life, lessons learned, trials and tribulations across the platforms she engages with. Her TikTok presence currently has 153.6 K followers, 180 Patreon members who dub themselves as “Mavericks Most Wanted” and 6500 Instagram followers. Rach’s platforms continue to build momentum and gain followers for her relevant material and genuine demeanor.

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