Welcome to SIGND

We have been in business for 18 months and are looking to improve our packaging for efficiency, quality and experience.

The ideal packaging company will be able to set SIGND apart from the competition and create a memorable unboxing.

Important Factors You Need To Know:

  1. SIGND Packaging should be unique as our unboxing experience is important to the consumer. 
  2. Our packaging ships to a SIGND Icon to autograph and record a custom video message, and then the Icon places the item into a second included box to ship the product to the consumer. 
  3. Packaging needs to be size-appropriate for each different product.
  4. Each shipment that leaves our warehouse contains three boxes:
    Two nested shipping boxes for each leg of the trip and one product box.  The 2nd shipment box should be self-sealing.

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SIGND’s Current Family of Products

All SIGND Sports Collectible Equipment is Official Regulation Size

SIGND Collectible Acrylics are Autographed Images in an 8″ x 10″ Acrylic Frame with a 6″ x 2.75″ x .5″ Base

SIGND’s Package Journey Demonstration Video