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Icon Enrollment

We are excited to have you as part of our platform. Please fill out the information below and an Icon Concierge will reach out to you shortly. If you would prefer to speak to an Icon concierge now, feel free to call 1-855-66-SIGND


Can Icons self-enroll?

Icons can not self-enroll. They provide the info, and a concierge will reach out.

Who determines the fee for my experience?

You set the fee for your signature and video. You can change at any time by contacting your Icon Concierge. If you would like a recommendation on your fee, your concierge will be happy to assist.

Does my rate change in real time, or is there a period of adjustment?

Your rate will change once confirmed with your Icon Concierge. If there is an order that is mid-process, we will not be able to change the rate for that order(s).

How much of the fee do I receive?

You receive 75% of the fee you set with your Icon Concierge for the video and personzlied signature.

How do I get paid?

All money earned will be delivered with direct deposit.

How will I know when a fan orders an experience from me?

You will receive a notification via the Signd app when fan orders are made. You will also receive updates as to the delivery of the product to be Signd. You can set additional notification preferences such as email or text directly in the app.

If I have a problem or question about an order, who do I contact for help?

Each Icon is assigned an Icon concierge, who will assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. They are your go-to person for all things Signd! You may also call 1-855-66-SIGND for assistance at any time.

Who provides and pays for the merchandise to be signed?

Signd will provide everything you need, including boxing and a sharpie. All you need to bring is your smile.

How long do the videos need to be?

Each video should be a minimum of 30 seconds, but we encourage you to continue as long as you need to deliver a great fan experience.

If I’m a traveling/active Icon how am I getting my orders done?

We can specify on our site that you will sign once a month (or any other specified period of time that works for you) and hold your orders and send them at once.   In addition, if you are going to be at a different location for an extended period, you can change the address we ship items to directly in the app or contact your Icon Concierge at any time.

Can I complete a SIGND order while on the road during a season or tour?

Not today, but we plan on having digital signature capabilities in the 1st quarter of 2022. You will be able to sign and record from anywhere.

Is the recipient able to download the video I send?


Are all videos viewed privately, or will they sit on the platform?

Each video gets a unique url that is available publicly. However, the recipient controls how the video is shared. Signd may at times feature a video on your profile page to assist in marketing.

What is my expected turnaround time for completing an experience?

You may set your own TATs. We would ask that you turn the experience around as fast as possible. If your experiences are continually outside your quoting time, we will ask you to adjust your TAT on the site and set realistic expectations.

If I’m extremely busy for a long period of time, would my SIGND orders expire?

We will cancel orders if they are sitting longer than the estimated response time, you provided to us. If you say you will sign within 3 days of receipt and we get to the 4th day, we will reach out to you and encourage you to complete the experience. If we do not receive a reply in a reasonable amount of time, we will cancel the order, return the money and begin to review your activity and response time moving forward.

Will I be reviewed by the fans on my overall experience?

Yes, we will be implementing fan reviews in the near future. Our intent is post all of them, both positive and negative. We will use discretion if we feel that someone is being unfair with their review.

What if I receive a request I am uncomfortable with?

If the request is for something off color or inappropriate, please reach out to your Icon Concierge immediately.

What if I am asked to promote a business or charity?

Icons will currently not be asked to promote a business or a charity as part of the consumer experience. However, The Signd for Business platform is in development and will be available in the near future.