Looking for the most unique football
coaches gift?

Your team can give the most memorable gift they have ever received!

Say thank you to your coach in the most personal way possible — with a SIGND Coaches Gift!

Our one of a kind coach’s gift is the perfect way to show the team’s appreciation for all of the hard work and dedication that your coach has put into helping them reach success all season long.

A SIGND coach’s gift includes a customized ball with all of the players’ signatures, AND more importantly, a QR code, that when scanned will take the coach to webpage where they can see and hear videos from each member of the team. 

What makes a SIGND Coaches Gift special?

  • It’s something the coach will cherish for years and remember your team
  • Players feel like all-stars by signing a ball and recording a video
  • We make it easy for everyone
  • Bottles of wine and gift cards are easily forgotten – this will be remembered and become the standard against which all future gifts are judged!

We have done all of the work!
You are a few simple steps away from the most memorable gift ever!

  1. Team parent places the order and sends a video upload invitation to each member of the team.
  2. Team members sign the item and record and upload videos that makes every player feel like an all-star. 
  3. The coach is blown away, putting all other gifts to shame. He promises a championship next season!!

Give your coach something unique and special that will always remind them of this team.


What Is It?

The coach will receive an item that all of the team members have signed. Imprinted on the item is a QR code that links to a custom video of each team member delivering a thank you message.

Why Is This Better Than a “Traditional” Gift?

Who likes boring? Coaches have gotten gift cards and wine forever. For the same cost and the same amount of effort, you can get the coach something they will smile at years from now. They will also have a great video of little Susie to look back on when she turns pro and makes it big!

This sounds like a lot of work…

We make it incredibly easy! The entire process can be completed by his or her team’s parent in about 15 minutes – which includes 10 minutes of chasing players with a sharpie in hand.